National will consider working with . . .

Prime Minister John Key has announced which parties  National will consider working with following this year’s General Election.

His preferences are ACT, the Māori Party and United Future and is not discounting the Conservative Party.

He’s also left the door slightly ajar for New Zealand First.

 “MMP makes it likely that every election will be a tight contest,” Mr Key says.

“That means it’s also likely that following the election we will need to work collaboratively with other parties to form a stable Government.

“First and foremost, National will be campaigning hard for every party vote it can win, because that puts us in the best position to continue the positive policy direction New Zealand is on.

“Put simply, the higher National’s party vote, the more options we have.

“I know that post the 2014 election, National will almost certainly need to work constructively with other political parties to form a stable Government.

“Since November 2008, we have shown that we can lead a stable Government with other political parties involved, even when those parties have different outlooks and policies.

“Looking ahead, it is most likely that the nature of these working relationships will be via Confidence and Supply Agreements, as these have worked well in the past two Parliamentary terms.

“In the end it is the public who largely determine the make-up of the Government by voting in parties to Parliament,” says Mr Key.

Mr Key says that given the right electoral circumstances, his preference would be to continue working with the current three partners to the Government, which are ACT, the Māori Party and United Future.

“I believe there is also a scenario where it would be possible to add the Conservative Party to this group.

“While National has of course had differences with ACT, the Māori Party and United Future, together our four parties have formed a stable and successful Government since late 2008,” Mr Key says.

“We also have policy differences with the Conservative Party, however it is likely that there would be enough common ground to work with them in Government.”

In terms of other parliamentary parties, Mr Key ruled out working with Labour, the Greens and Mana on the basis that there is insufficient common ground to achieve a stable and successful working relationship.

“These parties represent a far left wing agenda that we do not believe is good for New Zealand,” says Mr Key.

With regard to New Zealand First, Mr Key said that he believed a post-election working relationship was very unlikely; however he would not rule the possibility out ahead of the election.

“In 2008 we ruled them out because we were unable to reconcile some of their statements on the Glenn donation matter. Six years has passed and, should New Zealand First be returned to Parliament, we would not rule out a discussion after the election.”

 I sincerely hope that New Zealand’s First’s support won’t be needed, although David Farrar posts on the possibility of asking for it to support a minority government.

It’s more of a vanity vehicle than a party and its leader has shown he’s unreliable.

He’s also not prepared to show his hand before the election:

. . .  Winston Peters says the party is making its position clear from the outset that it will not be part of any pre-election discussions or arrangements aimed at subverting the democratic process.

“We thought MMP would stop the gerrymandering and ‘old boys’ arrangements of the past but some political parties keep manipulating the political process for their own ends instead of trusting the voters.”

Mr Peters says the time for talking about forming governments should be immediately after the election and not before. . .

What he means is he’s not prepared to put commit himself one way or the other for fear of losing votes.

Instead he’ll keep everyone in the dark until he can make a deal which best advantages him.

12 Responses to National will consider working with . . .

  1. robertguyton says:

    Key opens the door for Winston.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Colin Craig smacks his child.
    Key wants him on-board.
    Creepy Government.


  3. Andrei says:

    Did you know Robert that the Green Party believes that cows farting in Taranaki cause the ice to melt in Greenland?

    And that the Greens along with a significant number of MPs from other parties haven’t grasped the nature of mammalian reproduction as it pertains to human beings.

    I’ll tell you mate the lunatics have taken over the asylum and given our Potemkin democracy there aint a thing we can do to stop them


  4. willdwan says:

    Robert tries his hand
    At political haiku
    Does not pull it off


  5. robertguyton says:

    Andrei – your “Green” claims are nonsense – entertaining but nonsensical nonetheless. That Colin Craig, eh! Bet he’s got you excited – a child-smacker and a conspiracy-theorist all in one wealthy package – the perfect man for you!


    Colin Craig and Key
    A marriage made in heaven
    Andrei’s dream come true.


  6. willdwan says:

    Much better Mate.


  7. Gravedodger says:

    I have not heard the full presser but the published bit I am relying on with this comment, has Mr Key using NZfirst rather than Peters.
    In the world of nuance and hints that suggests any “deal” with the pinstripe dwarf may be predicated on a very mimimal role for the little whiskey afficionado.
    Oh and those bastards at Pravda one did not even consult Wed Wussel for their attempt at manipulation.

    I completely understand Robert’s disatisfaction with any move that thwarts his beloved GP involvement in Government but his recent remarks give a decided aura of desperation.
    The facts are that the NZ economy is envied by many thinking commentators here and overseas and if insufficient voters see that and vote for the five headed taniwha, Robert will have his wet dream and the rest of us will just wait to see the extent of the damage.


  8. jabba says:

    bOb has seen Gween Parties around the world being found out and deemed to be political poison .. he is desperate and his childish attacks on Colin Craig says it all really .. this year could be their last chance to get into Govt for decades


  9. Andrei says:

    The facts are that the NZ economy is envied by many thinking commentators here and overseas

    That may be true or it maybe wishful thinking based upon creative accounting but either way – “(W)hat shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    And I fear you are going to find that the rich will have to eat their money when the poor man stops producing their food


  10. robertguyton says:

    Gravedodger’s desperation to blind himself to the obvious where his Marvelous Mr Key has ruled in the “pinstripe dwarf” is a joy to witness. He goes on to cite the “five headed taniwha” and must be referring to the Act/Maori/United Future/Conservative/New Zealand First/National abomination that … hang on! That’s a stinking great SIX headed taniwha you’re cheering on there, Gravedodger!!!



  11. robertguyton says:

    Colin ‘Elvis is still in the building’ Craig is Key’s lifeline and that’s very sad stuff. On top of that, Winston Peter’s is Key’s besty-friend now and you’re going to have to learn to like him as the election draws nearer. Soon, you’ll be okay with old Winsty, ’cause Key likes him and wants him in his tent.


  12. Paranormal says:

    Stretching that bow a little too far RG. At the present Craig is not Key’s lifeline, that’s Dunne-nothing & Act. For Craig to be Nats lifeline, your lot have to start winning votes, and on the current poll trends that doesn’t look very likely at all.


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