Media must be open about bias

The strong links between Scoop journalist and the Internet Party have raised questions about its claim to be the leading independent news publication in New Zealand: is New Zealand’s leading news resource for news-makers and the people that influence the news (as opposed to a news site for “news consumers”).

It brings together the information that is creating the news as it is released to the media, and is therefore a hub of intelligence for the professionals (not just media) that shape what we read. presents all the information driving the news of the day in the form it is delivered to media creating a “no spin” media environment and one that provides the full context of what is “reported” as news later in the day.

It’s audience has a circle of influence far greater than the number of reported readers, which averages more than 450 000 a month, and it is a key part of the New Zealand media landscape. is accredited to the New Zealand Parliament Press Gallery and fed by a multitude of Business, Non-Government-Organisation, Regional Government and Public Relations communication professionals.

We are the leading independent news publication in New Zealand and value our independence strongly. . .

It does present media releases as they are written without editing.

But anyone familiar with opinion pieces from the likes of Gordon Campbell would be aware of a left-wing bias.

There’s nothing wrong with a bias in a media organisation like this providing it is declared.

Apropos of which I note that in the on-line version of Josie Pagani’s tale of two stories she is described as a political commentator, communications consultant, and former Labour candidate.

The print edition just called her a political commentator and communications consultant.

Omitting the reference to her former candidacy in the print edition did a disservice to readers who are entitled to know the bias of a political commentator.

One Response to Media must be open about bias

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Ah but media c2014 is not biased, it is truth and fact based.
    Those of a bluer tint, to borrow our always gracious and fairminded host’s headline description, and even further to the right people are variously: deniers, illinformed, poorly read, through to Capitalist rapists and environment destroyers.

    Now I consider myself, and a few online analysis tests confirm that status, a little right wing and somewhat conservative but on matters economic I am pretty hard right.
    I have little truck with compulsory income and capital redistribution.
    Equally, handing unearned money to the idle and selfdestructive based on a nefarious idea they somehow deserve their stupidity to be encouraged for no other reason than there are votes to be gained, is in a few words usurous, unfair and soul destroying for all parties.

    It is not that I dont care, or am greed based as I have donated considerable time, money and resources to those deemed less fortunate or in temporary need but my moderate success in life has been hard won from the mine of available resources, so giving it away is always carefully considered and having it stolen by the state is a crime against me.

    The current call for recognition of the mirage of ”poverty”, when measured against my early memories and the self denial and carefull use of our earned money is regarded as complete nonsense in my self assessment.

    This current nonsense of communists such as Bradbury crawling around the ultimate c21st century capitalist is just additional evidence of the shallow as a carpark puddle of the intellectual ability and level of education of those loosely described as journalists today in their total failure to identify and reveal such arrant inanity.


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