McCready plans to file charges against Brown

If Len Brown thought the furore over his affair and associated actions was going to blow over, he’s going to be very disappointed.

Wellington accountant Graham McCready has shown 3 News the criminal charges he plans to file against Len Brown next week, and one legal expert believes Mr Brown may have cause for concern.

Mr McCready today emailed out the two charging documents he intends to file in the Auckland District Court on Wednesday, alleging corruption by the mayor.

“These private prosecutions are an important check on the abuse of power by members of the executive branch of government who refuse to prosecute people,” says Mr McCready. . .

Legal academic Bill Hodge says Mr McCready has got something that deserves to be answered.

“He’s got a reasonable [case],” says Mr Hodge. “[It] may have legs.” . . .

Whether it’s a reasonable case with legs is up to the court.

But even it isn’t it will keep the issue alive and continue the focus on Brown for all the wrong reasons.

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