Thursday’s quiz

1. What do Honoré de Balzac, Maria Callas, Frédéric Chopin, René Lalique, Molière, Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf and Oscar Wilde have in common, apart from the arts?

2. What’s the difference between a hunkypunk and a gargoyle?

3. The Strait of Gibraltar separates which two bodies of water?

4. What does lachrymogenic mean?

5. Have you a preference between this format and the ones I usually do with a theme?

4 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) They are all interred in Paris, the name of the cemetery eludes me, though I’ve been there

    (2) –

    (3) The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

    (4) Lachry – tears
    genic – “causing”

    Tears causing as onions are lachrymogenic I’d guess, though onions do not have this effect on me. Sad movies do sometimes

    (5) Struggle for a theme today? Either way, is fine by me


  2. willdwan says:

    1. Died in the bath?
    2.Gargoyles are scarier?
    3. Inclined to cry a lot.
    4. Atlantic and the Med.
    5. Don’t mind.


  3. Alwyn says:

    1. They are all buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. It is a great place to visit, provided you ignore all the lipsteak smeared over Wilde’s tomb. Jim Morrison got in because they told the people running it he was a “writer”.
    2. I think they look the same but a gargoyle diverts water and the other is only ornamental.
    3. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
    4. I don’t know the word but given the lachrymose means “weeping” it probably means “causing weeping”.
    5. I don’t care about the format but I do like to have a quotation.


  4. 1] All are in the same cemetery in Paris [my sister has been there but alas, I have not].
    2] I know what a gargoyle is, but not a hunkypunk- is that what you meant?
    3] The Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
    4] Making one cry
    5] It is easier if there is a theme. Maybe Hunkypunks are gargoyles that make one cry?


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