Discrimination should lose when cultures clash

Speaker David Carter is  seeking a review of Maori protocols in parliament after two women MPs were asked to move from the front row at a welcome ceremony.

He said he wanted to “modernise” the protocols. “Parliament needs a protocol that is modern and acceptable to a diversified Parliament.”

Parliament’s longest serving woman MP Annette King and her Labour colleague Maryan Street were asked to move from the front bench during a powhiri at the start of the Youth Parliament several months ago.

That prompted the Speaker to begin a process to review protocols that were put in place 15 years ago with the oversight of the Wellington iwi, Te Atiawa. . .

“I think Parliament needs to be in a position where it actually over time develops its own protocol under guidance from Te Atiawa and other iwi,” Mr Carter said.

What Maori do on their own marae is their business.

But when there’s a cultural clash in parliament, discrimination should lose.

New Zealand led the world in giving women the vote in the 19th century it is unacceptable that they are not treated equally in parliament in the 21st century.

Nineteenth century attitudes to Maori aren’t tolerated in the 21st century, those old attitudes to women shouldn’t be either.


One Response to Discrimination should lose when cultures clash

  1. Andrei says:

    This is not the first time a Labour MP has made a scene over this and it probably wont be the last.

    Progressives often deliberately create confrontations and get into high dudgeons over things to club those who don’t share their world views into submission.

    Shows how silly and utterly banal our MPs and political elites are IMHO.

    If people don’t do things according to my ways I avoid being involved, I do not GET OFFENDED and make a huge fuss and use the two year old tantrum techniques to bully others into compliance with my wishes the way so called “progressives” do.

    We are in farce territory here and mockery of all involved is called for

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