Cost recovery for consular support

Australia is considering asking Greenpeace to pay the costs for consular support provided to the Arctic 30.

. . . Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Australian taxpayers were entitled to ask why they should be covering the cost of assisting Australian activist Colin Russell to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

“It took a huge effort and a lot of money to get this guy out and the Australian taxpayer paid for it,” Ms Bishop said yesterday.

“If it is a deliberate strategy designed to provoke a response and potentially to risk breaking the laws of another country, the question of cost recovery does arise.” . .

There is a big difference between people requiring consular support through no fault of their own and those who deliberately court trouble.

It isn’t unreasonable to expect the latter to contribute to the costs incurred.


2 Responses to Cost recovery for consular support

  1. Neil says:

    And I hear HP that the idiot Colin Russell from Australia who was locked up(not long enough) wants to go back and peacefully protest again. I thought raiding a boat was piracy !!
    I don’t like Putin’s Russia but I was overjoyed to see these idiots get sentenced for hooliganism. A shame they were let out. Green peace is a stupid organization, a cover for far left politics.

  2. Andrei says:

    I don’t like Putin’s Russia but I was overjoyed to see these idiots get sentenced for hooliganism.

    Lol, my friend – you don’t have to live there and don’t get a say in how things should be there.

    But this incident is vintage Putin, these idiots have lost their boat, been given a taste of the Russian prison system during the Russian Winter,

    And been kept just long enough to make the point but so long as for them to to be transformed into martyrs in anybody’s mind.

    Furthermore the door remains open to return them to the Russian penal system the second they set foot on the soil of the Russian Federation again if they are so foolish enough to do so

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