Key to be US president for day

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is to be US president for a day after winning a game of golf against Barack Obama.

President Obama said they’d agreed to a wager with the winner taking on running the loser’s country for a day to add a bit of interest to the game played in Hawaii yesterday.

“We haven’t decided which day it is to be yet, but I’m looking forward to having a real break from the responsibility of running the USA and I am confident it will be in safe hands,” the President said.

“I’d hoped John would agree to bring Bill English with him so we could get the benefit of both of them, but John said Bill would have to look after New Zealand that day.”

Mr Key said he was looking forward to the experience.

“I realise that the USA is a bit bigger than New Zealand but I’m pretty relaxed about the challenge,” he said.

3 Responses to Key to be US president for day

  1. Lol, good story. While he is POTUS for the day, could he please decree that in NZ, that convicted murderers, rapists, bashers, and drug pushers be subject to the application of the same jail sentences here as they are in the USA. Thanking him in advance, have a nice Tea party, cheers Marc.

  2. Neil says:

    This story will really annoy the Key haters. Even tongue in cheek comments by John Key will be seen as arrogant. Typical Labor party behaviour.

  3. pdm says:

    Lucky for NZ the result didn’t go the other way. We would have had `ObamaCare’ installed in NZ.

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