Can’t blame cows

Some Auckland beaches are too polluted to be safe for swimming.

One-third of New Zealand’s beaches are contaminated with sewerage and run-off, and even though local councils are aware of the problem, some are not acting on it. . .

The Auckland Council has released a report telling Aucklanders which beaches are safe and which are not, also identifying four places in the region that are highly polluted.

Weymouth Beach in south Auckland is one of the most polluted beaches in the country. Swimming or even fishing there could make you very sick. . .

If dairy effluent was causing this pollution farmers would almost certainly be prosecuted.

Cows can’t be blamed for sewerage  and some councils which are responsible for its safe disposal aren’t held to the same standard as farmers are.

This doesn’t excuse poor farming practices.

It does show that water pollution is an urban problem too.

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