China changing one child policy

China has been forced to change its one child policy:

Earlier today, China announced that it would finally loosen its decade old one-child policy. This policy has had a disturbing affect in China in the form of skewed demographics.

It’s well known that China’s population is ageing rapidly, causing the workforce to shrink. And without siblings, children are under tremendous financial pressure as they have to care for their own aging parents. But those aren’t even the most disturbing trends, wrote BI’s Mamta Badkar citing a 2011 report from Nomura.

“Perhaps the more alarming concern for population sustainability is the large imbalance between baby girls and boys,” wrote the Nomura analysts.

For every 100 girls born there are 120 boys and a couple of years ago there were 51 million more men than women in the country.

fm births

The one child policy is unsustainable.

One of its tragic consequences has been the abortion and infanticide of female babies.

There are now far too many young men and not enough young women.

It will take decades to get the population back in balance and will need a change in attitude to value girls as highly as boys.

2 Responses to China changing one child policy

  1. Andrei says:

    China’s one child policy is a typical political brain fart that politicians are wont to have.

    Of course the demographic crisis that China faces is also faced by little old New Zealand, not as dramatically perhaps and although we have yet to admit it openly, there are some quiet rumblings of it in dry treasury reports.

    Human affairs are unstable, always have been and always will but there is one certainty, the future will be inherited by those whose cultures value the raising of the next generation and do it well.

    Which is why feminism, with its sacraments of birth control and abortion is ultimately doomed as a philosophy.

    Who will have dominion over the earth 100 years hence who can say, though I predict that polar bears will most likely still be roaming the polar ice despite the blathering of the nut cases who dominate our political elites today


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