May your Christmas be happy

For many years Christmas Eve has been one of my favourite days.

I knew I was growing up when I was allowed to go to the late night church service which finished with a candle-lit procession outside, singing the last carol, to take Christmas to the world.

When the children were small, when they were sound asleep, when the pillow cases had been filled,  I revelled in the peace as I was left to make the pavlova and complete other preparations for Christmas Day, uninterrupted, to the quiet accompaniment of carols.

One of the most memorable recent Christmas Eves was spent in Argentina, with our friends and their large extended family. There the major celebration is on the evening of the 24th, culminating with the arrival of Papa Noel, at midnight, carrying a sack with one present for each child.

Christmas Eves there, and here, have provided the opportunity to be grateful that for the gifts that really matter, and not just on Christmas Day – loving family and friends.

Wherever, and however, you’re celebrating, I hope you’re similarly blessed.

May your Christmas be happy and may 2014 be kind to you and yours.


3 Responses to May your Christmas be happy

  1. Allan says:

    And the same applies for you Ele. I follow your blog with interest and enjoy the sound thoughtful postings that you make. I look forward to the New Year and more excellent commentary from you.


  2. Dave Kennedy says:

    Merry Christmas, Ele, thanks for letting me haunt your blog at times with my Green ramblings 🙂


  3. fredinthegrass says:

    Thank you Hp for a stimulating, thought provoking, informative, and enjoyable year. I hope you may bask in the knowledge that you have been some or all of the the above to your followers.
    Have a blessed Christmas and festive season; and may “your farmer” have a chance to ‘rest’ for a moment or two.


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