This can’t be your best

Dear Auckland,

You’re our biggest city.

You’ve got more than a million people to choose from and you got a mayor like this?

This can’t be your best.

He’s determined to stay which means you’ve got a couple of years in which to come up with someone better.

That shouldn’t be hard.

But you owe it to yourselves, and the rest of the country, to make sure it’s not just someone who’s better than what you’ve got, but someone who’s a good mayor and a good person.

One Response to This can’t be your best

  1. Judge Holden says:

    The right is so funny when it’s up there on its high horse. Perhaps we should look at a decent tory for the mayoralty. How about Dick Quax? Nah, Cameron Brewer? No wait, John Banks! hmmm maybe not… Rodney Hide? No hang on he dumped his wife and took his girlie on a junket, what about Roger Douglas, ummm, no, I know! David Garrett (if that’s his real name). You see where this is going right?


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