How many, how much?

A group of business people in a smallish town had heard an advocate for the disadvantaged campaigning for assistance to combat child poverty.

They invited her to meet them to find ways they could help.

They listened to her speak and asked some questions which she answered.

Then one said, “How many are there and how much would it take to help them?”

The woman said that wasn’t the point.

The questioner said it was. If they knew how many children there were and how much it would cost they could work out how to raise the money and use it to get the children out of poverty.

The woman said, they were typical rich people who didn’t understand the problem and left.

I know this community and some of the people at the meeting.

They do understand the problem and have the resources to make a positive difference to many, possibly all, children in need in their smallish town.

They’ve been left thinking the campaigner was more interested in campaigning and advancing her political cause than practical solutions.

It’s a shame and not just for these children in this town.

Had the people at the meeting not had their genuine offer of help thrown back in their faces they might have been able to not only help those in their own town but provide an example for other communities to follow.


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