Cocaine, cannabis and chocolate don’t mix

Whittakers has not yet made a decision on whether it will use Nigella Lawson in advertising campaigns.

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson 53, admitted at a London court this week to twice using cocaine and occasionally cannabis, but dismissed claims she was a drug addict. . .

“Whittaker’s has had a fantastically successful year this year,” chief marketing officer Philip Poole said.

“We have been voted New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand with Reader’s Digest and the Colmar Brunton [top New Zealand brand] … we also got voted the Fair Trade Most Popular Brand …

“Nigella has obviously been part of our marketing campaign this year and we’ll sit down at the beginning of next year and review what we’ve achieved this year and see what our marketing objectives are next year and review everything then.” . . .

Cocaine, cannabis and chocolate aren’t a good mix.

Someone who uses drugs even if it was only twice and occasionally, is not a good face for a trusted brand, nor is she an appropriate role model for its consumers, many of whom will be children.

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