Celebrate Victorian Christmas at Totara Estate

Totara Estate, the birthplace of New Zealand’s meat industry is hosting a celebration of Victorian Christmas tomorrow.

Christmas trees and evergreen decorations adorned Victorian homes with beautiful homemade decorations. Making your own gifts and Christmas cards was also an essential Christmas activity.

Visitors will be shown how to make all sorts of hand crafted decorations including peg doll angels and santas, decorated cookies and popcorn chains. Everyone can have a go and take them home for their own Christmas tree or gifts.

There will be a story corner with traditional tales. Fun and games were also part of the celebrations and will include skittles and horseshoes and there will be revival of some good old fashioned Christmas parlour games for everyone to join in like pass the parcel and pint the tail on the donkey.

All good Victorian Christmas parties involve carol singing and listening to festive music and tea will be served with a traditional festive treat to delight the taste buds.

The Victorian Santa was often dressed in forest green rather than the red we know of today – and he will be calling in to Totara Estate with a sack of goodies. The Christmas tree is ready with a treat for Santa and carrots for the reindeer of course.

The celebrations will progress through the afternoon so plan to arrive promptly to enjoy the full experience. Victorian party dress welcome – but not essential!

The delightful Totara Estate shop, with its heritage and rural theme, will be open if visitors wish to find some Christmas gifts with a 10% discount for visitors who join the Christmas celebrations.

What: Victorian Christmas Celebration at Totara Estate

When: Sunday 8th

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Where: Totara Estate, 8km South Oamaru on State Highway 1

More on Totara estate here.


One Response to Celebrate Victorian Christmas at Totara Estate

  1. Andrei says:

    The Victorian Santa was often dressed in forest green rather than the red we know of today

    Actually I don’t think “Santa” existed in Victorian times – he was still Saint Nicholas – Abbreviated to St Nick in Clement Clark More’s poem to be sure.

    Though in Victorian times in protestant England (and New Zealand) I think the gentleman in question would have been called “Father Christmas” although now he has merged and become one with lamentable modern “Santa” and his horrible ho ho hoing

    Santa is a modern travesty where “Santa” is read as a Christian name and “Claus” as a surname by the ignorant.

    T’was Saint Nicholas’ day yesterday (NS) – Choose Wisely

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