How far they have fallen

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3 Responses to How far they have fallen

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    Presumably Mr Joyce doesn’t believe a word of that, because it’s rubbish. It’s true, Labour did have a fall in Christchurch East, back in 2008 when they lost the party vote by miles and on the seat through the candidate’s personal appeal.
    Where Joyce has gone wrong is not acknowledging the MMP environment. During a general election, the decision as to where a seat is “red” or “blue” really should be assessed on which party won the party vote, not which party the elected MP is a member of. During a by-election, with no party vote available, the vote is for both the person and the party. So when the main party’s candidates are both ring ins (when did Doocey move back to Christchurch? How long was he overseas for?), it’s a straight party vote, and like it or not, Labour turned around a big deficit.
    The real worry is that either Mr Joyce is lying, or he genuinely doesn’t understand what the results mean. It means he’s out of touch. As their campaign manager, that’s a bad thing for National.


  2. homepaddock says:

    You need to differentiate between an opinion with which you disagree and a lie.


  3. Armchair Critic says:

    Most of my comment is dedicated to explaining why the opinion Mr Joyce expressed is wrong. Whether he is aware of being wrong (and lying) or unaware (and naive) is secondary, if he’s going to have much input to the next election campaign, neither are good. Perhaps there’s a third possibility and I’ve missed it.


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