If question is wrong how can any answer be valid?

The question on the politicians’ initiated referendum asks: do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand.

Several people have pointed out that those who want more than 49% sold could vote no.

That would be taken as opposition to any sale when that’s the opposite of their view which favours total sales.

Then there’s the name of one of the companies – if Google is to be believed Genesis Energy is an SOE but I couldn’t find a Genesis Power.

There is another even more fundamental flaw in the question – the Government hasn’t sold and isn’t planning to sell up to 49% of Air New Zealand.

It didn’t own 100% of the shares in the first place and sold only 20% of the total, retaining 53%.

If the question is wrong, how can any answer be valid?

3 Responses to If question is wrong how can any answer be valid?

  1. blokeinauckland says:

    This PIR,/strike> CIR is a sham exercise executed by people with no regard for either the law or the hard earned cash contributed by taxpayers.

    The Greens may rue the day they started down this channel. If they get in Government next year the single largest opposition party will be bigger than any of the ragtag mob making up the coalition. The chances of many CIR by a single large disenfranchised voting group will be real. Norman and Co have set the standard by not accepting National’s electoral mandate was to sell a minority interest named group of State assets.

  2. blokeinauckland says:

    Oh dear HTML fail……

  3. Armchair Critic says:

    Ahhh, semantics. Now there’s a powerful argument.
    blokeinauckland – wouldn’t it be nice to have an edit function?

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