Maori Seats too big – Flavell

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell is concerned about the size of Maori electorates:

The Representation Commission has proposed no changes to the boundaries of the seven Maori electorates, because they are within their population quota.

Mr Flavell says it does not address the ”ridiculous” situation that the Tai Tonga MP is expected to represent over half of the land area of Aotearoa, which spans 18 general electorates.

He says the size of the Maori electorates is a major problem it has discussed with the Electoral Commission and MPs, but says there is no political will to change it.

He’s right about  Te Tai Tonga which covers 161, 443 square kilometres – that’s the whole of the South and Stewart Islands and part of Wellington Region.

But the next biggest seats are general ones. Clutha Southland covers 38,247 sq kms and West Coast Tasman covers 38, 042 sq kms.

Then comes the Maori seat of Te Tai Hauauru at 35, 825 sq kms and  the general seat of  Waitaki  which covers 34,888 sq kms.

Ikaroa-Rawhiti, a Maori seat, covers 30,952 sq kms then another general seat Kaikoura is 23, 706 sq kms.

The next two Maori seats are Waiariki at 19,212 sq kms and Te Tai Tokerau at 16, 370 sq kms. Then comes three general seats – East Coast (13,649); Taranaki-King Country (12, 869) and Northland (12, 255) and the smallest Maori electorate Hauraki-Waikato (12,580).

Mr Flavell says electoral law guarantees there will be at least 16 general electorates in the South Island so each one won’t be too big, and that approach should apply to Maori electorates.

The law actually says there will be 16 South Island seats and two of  those – Clutha Southland and West-Coast Tasman are bigger than all but Te Tai Tonga, Waitaki is bigger than all but that and Te Tai Hauauru ; Kaikoura is bigger than Waiariki and Te Tai Tokerau and the three biggest North island seats East Coast, Taranaki-King Country and Northland are all bigger than Hauraki-Waikato.
Electorate sizes are determined by dividing the South Island population by 16 with a tolerance of 5% over or under that figure.I agree that most Maori seats are too big but so are some of the general ones. MMP gives better representation to parties but bigger electorates provides poorer representation for people.The simplest way to reduce the area electorates cover is to increase the number of seats but that would require more MPs or reduce the number of list seats and so reduce proportionality which is one of MMP’s strengths.Another way to reduce the area MPs have to service is to get rid of Maori electorates and keep the total number of seats we have now. That would add a seat in the South Island and make all electorates a bit smaller but I don’t think that will get any support from Flavell.

6 Responses to Maori Seats too big – Flavell

  1. Gravedodger says:

    He has a point they are quite large geographically.

    Solution, just abolish them.

    With around 1/5 th of the parliament claiming a degree of Maori ethnicity, another bunch identifying as maori, a handful of other Polynesian MPs and the whole “but I am a Maori” mantra being trotted out on a daily basis, what better time to have a cir on pseudo aparthied representation.

    Who the hell is representing my Celtic culture, heretage and belief systems.

    An electorate member is expected to represent all constituents after the poll so why do we still require a bunch of Tangatas to act exclusively on behalf of Maori.


  2. pdm says:

    `Solution, just abolish them.’

    Exactly GD.


  3. Paranormal says:

    GD and PDM – absolutely!


  4. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    The smallest Maori electorate isn’t Hauraki-Waikato. Tamaki Makaurau is much smaller; it’s almost entirely urban. I suspect that it’s smaller than at least half of the general electorates.


  5. homepaddock says:

    You’re right – Tamaki Makaurau is only 730 sq kms in area, that’s smaller than the seats mentioned above and 20 others: Rangitikei 12,189; Wairarapa 11,922; Taupo 9,101; Selwyn 7,854;Napier 6,866;Rangitata 6,826; Whanganui 5,948; Invercargill 5,617; Rotorua 5,535; Waikato 4,947; Coromandel 4,653; Tukituki 4,277; Dunedin South 2,702; Waimakariri 1,757; Otaki 1,728; Whangarei 1,628; Hunua 1,266; Bay of Plenty 1,188;
    Rodney 1,051; Helensville 865.

    The area covered by all seats is here:


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