Rudd retires

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced he will retire from parliament.

. . . In a shock announcement on Wednesday night, an emotional Mr Rudd, who served twice as Prime Minister and was one of Labor’s most polarising figures, said there came a time in every politician’s life when their family said “enough is enough” and there was no point “being here for the sake of being here”.

He leaves at the end of the week and did not say what he planned to do next. The general reaction among his colleagues was a mixture of sadness, relief he was gone and concern for the byelection and the pressure it could place on Bill Shorten. . . .

It is very difficult for a former leader to go back to the back benches.

His presence there and active undermining of Julia Gillard destabilised her government.

Had he retired when she beat him in the leadership race the Labor Party might not have retained power but it would almost certainly be in a much stronger position than it is now.

One Response to Rudd retires

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Watching the successive speakers who followed his gratuitous self promotion, while I was missing “Richo” and waiting for my dose of the real Australia from “Paul Murray”, my mind drifted to the old rural legend about the Man who on departing a country district was awarded the mandatory public farewell.
    After several speakers extolled his contributions to the district, the Guest of honour got to his feet and said “I didnt realise you all thought so highly of me I think I will stay.” Problem was, they could not see the back of him quick enough.

    One of the most venal, manipulative disasters that ever held the office in the West island.
    I hope the door did not hit his sorry posterior as he walked out.
    He and Gillard, indulging in their egomaniac self centered ideas of what they knew best wasted the similar set of economic goodtimes that Cullen and Clark did in this land for a worse outcome as it took another three years to move them out.


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