Business confidence at record high – BNZ

Business confidence is at a record high in the BNZ’s monthly survey.

Confidence amongst BNZ Weekly Overview readers regarding where the NZ economy will be in a year’s time has surged to a record high. A net 65.7% of the 469 respondents are optimistic compared with a net 45% in October and 57% in September. Sentiment has been broadly trending upward since the middle of last year and this month only 27 people in fact felt that the economy would be in worse state in a year’s time. . . 

This isn’t a scientific survey, it’s self-selecting, but it is showing a positive trend.

The more confident businesses are the more likely they are to invest more, that includes in wages through pay increases and/or employing more people.

#gigatownoamaru is confident about the business opportunities that would flow from being the southern hemisphere’s first gigatown.

One Response to Business confidence at record high – BNZ

  1. jabba says:

    yet more good news .. it just keeps on coming


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