Local Body election inquiry

The Justice and Electoral Committee has confirmed the terms of reference for the committee’s inquiry into the 2013 local authority elections, committee chairperson Scott Simpson announced.

The terms of reference for this inquiry are to examine the law and administrative procedures surrounding the conduct of the 2013 local authority elections, with specific focus upon

• Identification of factors behind the low voter turnout

• Voting methods and processes

• Matters in regulations (including voting documents and informal votes)

• Methods of increasing voter participation in future local authority elections

• The appropriateness of the three week voting time frame

• The potential for voter confusion when voters are presented with two voting systems on the same ballot paper

• The security of, and potential for increased participation as a result of the introduction of, electronic voting

• Identification of other initiatives that would lift voter turnout.

• Conduct and performance of the electoral institutions including the Electoral Commission.

The conduct and performance of mayors is not in the terms of reference.

Submission close on December 20th. Click the link above for information on how to make one.


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