Your Money Your Voice

Your money, your voice, championing value for every tax dollar.

That’s the vision of the newly launched NZ Taxpayers’ Union and it’s difficult to argue with.

Although it has been started by people on the political right, its work will benefit everyone.

Less government waste will leave more money for essentials and lower the tax burden.

National has been focussed on getting better value for tax dollars and encouraging the public service to take a much more Presbyterian approach to its spending.

The NZTU will encourage more of that and highlight areas for further improvement.

The Union is modelled on the UK’s Taxpayers’ Alliance which is an independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes.

The NZTU stands for value for money for government spending:

We want our politicians spending money as if they’d worked as hard as us for it and believe that new taxes should only be introduced when there are equal decreases in other taxes.  We believe in a fair and efficient tax system.  We are not a political party, or aligned to any.

We promote sensible restraint of government expenditure by:

  • Scrutinising government spending;
  • Publicising government waste;
  • Arguing for an end to corporate and union welfare; and
  • Promoting an efficient tax system.

We are independent and incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 to pursue the following objectives:

  • To give taxpayers a voice in the corridors of power;
  • To educate New Zealanders against excessive and wasteful government spending;
  • To scrutinise government spending;
  • To publicise government waste;
  • To promote an efficient tax system;
  • To promote discussion on the balance of activities best undertaken by the private sector and the public sector;
  • To promote public policies to advance New Zealanders’ prosperity;
  • To identify, research and monitor issues affecting these objects;
  • To co-operate or join with other associations or bodies having similar objects; and
  • Generally to do all such things as would help to attain or further the Taxpayers’ Union’s objects.

The aims of the Taxpayers’ Union are:

  • To reduce wasteful spending by central and local government;
  • To increase transparency and accountability of government spending;
  • To increase institutional checks on government spending;
  • To enable New Zealanders to easily scrutinise government spending;
  • To lower the tax burden on New Zealanders; and
  • To promote evidence based public policy.

Whose behind it?

We are New Zealanders who have formed a union to stand up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers.  We represent the common interests of all taxpayers.  We want to become New Zealand’s largest union.

We are not a political party, and we don’t represent big business or special interests. Most of our income comes from small donations. Joining the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union only takes a few minutes and costs $5. Membership entitles you to attend our annual conference, AGM and other events, and to get regular communications from the Taxpayers’ Union.

Its governed by  a board chaired by John Bhshop.

Other members are executive director and co-founder Jordan Williams, co-founder David Farrar and Gabrielle O’Brien.

The media release says:

A group of New Zealanders has established the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union to give Kiwi taxpayers a stronger voice in the corridors of power.

The Taxpayers’ Union begins operations today. The Taxpayers’ Union is a politically independent grassroots campaign to lower the tax burden on New Zealanders and reduce wasteful government spending.

Chairman John Bishop says, “We’ve come together to promote sensible fiscal management, to expose government waste and to promote policies to make public spending work better. Government, politicians and taxpayer funded groups are on notice that we are looking to expose waste or rorts.”

“We’re asking New Zealanders to join us and report government waste via a ‘tip line’ on our website.”

Executive Director Jordan Williams notes that thousands of organisations and special interest groups lobby for more tax and spend. The Taxpayers’ Union will ensure that at least one group is looking after hard working Kiwis whose taxes pay for politicians’ promises.”

David Farrar, a member of the Union Board says, “The concern for our members is that vast amounts of public money is being spent by government on our behalf and we don’t get enough value for that money. Our aims aren’t just to slow the growth of government spending, but to make public spending work better.

David explains more and gives the background at Kiwiblog.

You can help them on the tip line here, support them here and donate here.

You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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