Same for all beats all for all

Labour has changed the messenger and hardened its message.

That’s helped shore up its core support but the polls indicate it hasn’t done much to change the total vote for the left.

There are two reasons for this – the message and the messenger.

The hard left message resonates with the left but it repels those in the centre who have to be won over to gain enough votes to govern.

Then there’s the messenger.

National’s leader John Key is consistent, he doesn’t change his message to suit what he thinks will appeal to his audience.

He talks about what he believes in and what a government led by him will do.

He is the same man for all people.

What you see and hear is what you get and you know what he stands for.

Labour’s new leader David Cunliffe has already got a reputation for trying to be all things for all people, changing his message to suit the audience.

It isn’t working and it won’t because all it does is send mixed messages and raises big questions about what he really believes in and what he really stands for.

Most voters aren’t stupid.

They want sincerity, honesty and consistency.

They get that from John Key, they’re not getting it from David Cunliffe.

19 Responses to Same for all beats all for all

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    I would like to think this was a parody of a post from the Politburo.
    How do you do it? Take a statement like “The enemy are evil, but our dear leader is all-knowing and benevolent” and add some more rhetoric to pad it out.
    About the only idea with any merit in the whole post is the oft-repeated “most voters aren’t stupid”, and then only because it ties into your post about the newly announced NZTU. A similar sentiment applies to you readers, most of whom are bright enough to see through this kind of hopelessly transparent rubbish.
    So while I might wish this post was a parody, unfortunately I have no doubt you are being sincere.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Great dripping gollops of sickly-sweet un-bridled adoration, Ele!
    I feel a bout of diabetes coming on.


  3. jabba says:

    a great post and so true .. the alternative to a John Key lead Govt would be horrible.


  4. Mr E says:

    I’m sure you’d not do that sort of thing Robert. I doubt you would eagerly try and support a new Chair of the council in.

    Are you sure feeling you have, is not due to an ulcer? I worry your council frustrations might be affecting your health.


  5. Mr E says:



  6. robertguyton says:

    You enamoured as well, jabba? Figures.
    As for ‘horrible’, you have no idea! It’s going to be horrible indeed, a living nightmare in fact, for you, starting next year – your decadus horribilis. Get plenty of good sleeps between now and then, jabba – you’re going to need them.


  7. robertguyton says:

    “Eagerly’, Mr E? “Eagerly try”? Funny.
    I will do as I said to the council I would do in the event of a re-selection of the ‘old guard’ and a repeat of their old behaviours.
    I’m eager alright.


  8. Mr E says:

    Try not to be too eager. I worry for your health.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Ha! Fret not, Mr E. I have reserves.


  10. robertguyton says:

    Wonderful Mr Key!

    “Well known mum and dad investor the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation has accumulated 8% of Meridian Energy’s shares. And the Dominion Post editor has described the Government’s asset sales programme as “an unmitigated disaster – so disastrous it borders on economic vandalism”. “


  11. robertguyton says:

    Marvelous Mr Key.

    “The Government’s asset sales programme has been an unmitigated disaster – so disastrous it borders on economic vandalism. Valuable assets built up over generations have been hocked off at firesale prices to a handful of investors because Mr Key’s Government could not bear to admit now was not the right time to sell. Arguing that partial private ownership is an improvement on the status quo whatever the price is fatuous.”


  12. Mr E says:

    Good good. I reckon I could have been growing my own ulcher thinking about your frustrations with democracy. A block vote of 4-8 and a repeat of behaviors. Seesh. How annoying.

    It must be difficult watching the same enactment of democracy undermining your powers.


  13. robertguyton says:

    It’s certainly entertaining. I believe there’s more to democracy than ‘majority rules’. You seem not to be aware of the potential for democracy to be nuanced, have glitches and be requiring of oversight and mechanisms to stop it being gamed, but I am acutely aware of those things and act accordingly.
    Perhaps you’re just an unreconstructed ‘first past the post’ guy?
    Now that the thought has occurred to me, I’m sensing the accuracy of it 🙂


  14. robertguyton says:

    “Clare Trevett details in today’s Herald how Key has taken to bringing Ministers with good news to his Monday news conferences “to lambast the media with good news about the progress being made in a certain area.”

    Making use of the captive audience at the press conference is a sign Prime Minister John Key is starting the campaign already and attempting to forestall any momentum Labour might build up. It is, more critically, a bid to try to stop perception taking root that his Government is descending into lethargy as it nears the end of a second term.”

    As I pointed out only a couple of days ago…


  15. jabba says:

    good news bOb .. how about this from Kiwiblog:
    October 31st, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar
    The 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index has just been published. NZ is in 5th place out of 142 countries, which is the highest rating for an Asia-Pacific country. The top 10 are:

    New Zealand


  16. robertguyton says:

    That’s good, jabba. When New Zealand’s doing well, I’m happy, providing the thing we are doing well at is good for us all, and good for the environment. For example, we could be leading the world in methamphetamine production (for all I know) and that would no doubt be boosting our GDP, but I’d not be celebrating that news. It all depends, doesn’t it, jabba (confusing, I know!)


  17. robertguyton says:

    Those asset sales though, jabba!
    Dreadful muck-up, aren’t they!
    Shows Key and English up as economic chumps and New Zealanders as suckers.


  18. jabba says:

    don’t worry bOb .. we all know that when a Labour/Gween/Mana/Winny1st and possibly the Maori Party are running the country we will be fine.


  19. Mr E says:

    “but I am acutely aware of those things and act accordingly.”

    You mean complaining to little affect?

    What is an “unreconstructed” guy? Someone who is contructed, then reconstructed then un ….?

    Am I aware of shortfalls in democracy? Sure. However. Do I want the tail wagging the dog? Nope. Thems thoughts of dictators, communists.


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