Oamaru, New Zealand’s Sharpest town, is vying to become the southern hemisphere’s first gigatown.

Gigatown Oamaru set a goal of 1,000 Facebook likes by today – and it’s exceeded it.

There were 1030 likes when I checked this morning.

It also has instructions on how to support the campaign:

Here it is folks, the # tag you should use on all your social media sites to spread the word about wonderful Gigatown Oamaru – Simply add the word #gigatownoamaru or #gigatownoam to any post and it will be measured! Start by sharing this po…st, and leaving a comment with those tags, lets see how we get on at the Gigatown.co.nz leaderboard today! We also earn 10 points for everyone who registers with the Gigatown.co.nz website, thats 10,000 points already if we all join! Click on the ‘Join up’ link at the top of their page to register!
It’s not hard to add #gigatownoamaru or #gigatownoam tocomments here, to like and comment on the Facebook page, do your own posts with the #gigatownoamaru or #gigatownoam on Facebook, Twitter or blogs.
Oamaru Life shows the enthusiasm already generated for the campaign:

. . . @ChorusNZ, the company responsible for New Zealand’s telephonic and internet infrastructure, is planning to “light up” one town with 1Gbps (1 gigabit per second) internet, giving it in one go the fastest internet not just in New Zealand but in the entire Southern Hemisphere. And in true New Zealand fashion, they’re going to choose the lucky town democratically, by counting the number of people who support that town’s bid to be the winner. How will they do that? By counting the number of social media posts that include that town’s specific hashtag, along with the number of people who go to the Gigatown website to support it.

Oamaru, our beloved home town, is in the running to be New Zealand’s first gigatown. To some, the idea of Oamaru becoming the gigatown may seem ludicrous. We are famed as being New Zealand’s best-preserved historic town, with 19th century architecture unmatched anywhere else in the country. But at the same time, we were recently picked as the “sharpest town” in New Zealand by our national television network, recognising the unparalleled civic pride that Oamaruvians show, along with the unique combination of characters who make Oamaru their home.

We firmly believe that Oamaru should not only be New Zealand’s “Steampunk Town”, as some know us, nor just its “Sharpest Town”, but also New Zealand’s “Fastest Town”, and therefore we are firmly supporting Oamaru’s bid to be New Zealand’s Gigatown. If you support us, please be sure to use our assigned hashtag, #gigatownoam, in your tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Tumblr posts, etc etc etc. We will be extremely grateful if you do! If you comment on this post, please include the hashtag (#gigatownoam) too, to give us an extra point! And if you would also express your support on the Gigatown homepage (click for the link here), we’d be thrilled! Thank you in advance for your support!

What are you waiting for?

Please leap over to the homepage and add your support.

I just did and Oamaru is leading with 1706 supporters, nearly twice as many as the second placed town which has 964 supporters.

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