Rugby history – kickoff goes backwards

Yesterday Meads Cup final will go down in rugby history.

Not for the score – Mid Canterbury 26 – North Otago 20, but this kickoff.

When North Otago fullback Ed Keohane restarted the game during the first half the unbelievable happened.

The kick-off not only failed to go the required 10 metres, but was picked up by the wind and carried backwards all the way over his own dead ball line.

2 Responses to Rugby history – kickoff goes backwards

  1. Gravedodger says:

    That was a classic “dont you hate it when that happens” moment.

    Amazing game of rugby from both teams in conditions that conspired to deal every thing but.

    Of course a good time to mention a minor statistic after Canterbury dealt to front runners and 7 time final losers Wellington, all four ITM Cup titles will be held between the Waitaki and Cooks Straight.
    Should South Canterbury prevail over Buller that territory will be all on the eastern side of the Alps.
    Whatever happens the Crusaders Franchise Catchment will hold all four on offer.
    Is that when I claim the Right side of the Waitaki requires one to face upstream.

  2. Bulaman says:

    Or the “true left” if you prefer…

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