Calder not seeking re-election

National list MP Cam Calder has announced he won’t be seeking re-election next year.

“It has been a huge privilege to serve in the National-led Government,” Dr Calder said.

“Under John Key’s leadership, New Zealand now has one of the strongest economies in the world. We have made significant progress in improving the lives of New Zealanders in vital areas such as law and order, health, and education to name but a few.

“It has been an exciting and extraordinarily varied experience, and I still relish every day, but after two terms in Parliament there are a number of projects, both in New Zealand and overseas, that I wish to consider in the years ahead.

“I am proud of what the National-led Government has achieved. I have been a strong advocate for reducing the incidence of rheumatic fever, particularly in Manurewa where I am based. I have also been a vigorous proponent for an awareness campaign highlighting the need for men to take responsibility for their prostate health. I am delighted the Government is making significant progress in these areas.

“My member’s bill, the Summary Offences (Possession of Hand-held Lasers) Amendment Bill, is before the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee. I am hopeful I can shepherd it through the House during the remainder of my term.

“I shall continue to devote my energies to the Manurewa community and to my many Parliamentary duties through to the General Election next year.”

Cam entered parliament on the list in 2009 and is well regarded for his work as an MP.

Napier MP and Minister Chris Tremain and list MP Chris Auckinvole have already announced they won’t be seeking re-election.

Some retirements are healthy for the party, providing the opportunity for new talent.


One Response to Calder not seeking re-election

  1. jabba says:

    there will be more Nats pulling the pin which is great news as you say to get new blood in there.
    I wonder if the Labour/Gween/Winny1st parties will do the same .. yeah nah


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