Look up before planting

Many of this week’s power outages could have been avoided if people had trimmed trees growing under or near power lines.

. . . Thousands of properties lost power when trees crashed onto wires during storms in the Wairarapa and elsewhere in the southern North Island on Monday.

Powerco’s networks operations manager Phil Marsh says most of these could have been avoided if the property owners had trimmed trees on their properties. . . .

Trouble could also be avoided if people looked up before planing trees and avoided planting them close to lines.

Shelter belts on road side boundaries will almost always be under or close to power lines, but when planting elsewhere on farms it’s usually not difficult to keep clear of them.

One Response to Look up before planting

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Of course the companies installing lines and upgrading them are so co-operative in consulting land owners, not!

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