Are we paying for the billboards?

The Green party has launched a campaign to encourage people to vote no in the referendum on whether or not a minority shareholding in a few state owned assets should be sold.

They’ve put up billboards around Auckland and I’m wondering if there’s a parliamentary crest on them.

If not the party is funding them, if there is a crest we are through parliamentary services.

The Greens and Labour turned what was supposed to be a citizens’ initiated referendum into a politicians’ initiated one.

Labour has gone quiet on the referendum, perhaps realising that the public has no appetite for wasting around $9 million on a referendum which will have absolutely no impact on the policy.

But the Greens are continuing to use the issue to keep their profile up.

Enough public money has already been wasted, I’d hate to think we’re paying for the billboards too.

11 Responses to Are we paying for the billboards?

  1. Andrei says:

    The referendum is an exercise in futility.

    I would vote but given the way National betrayed the New Zealand Electorate over the anti smacking referendum why bother.

    Pox on the Greens, pox on Labour and pox on National – pox on the entire political class – wastrels one and all


  2. robertguyton says:

    Remember, citizens, vote NO


  3. Roger says:

    NO – we want no more money wasted on this issue.


  4. Quintin Hogg says:

    I am proud owner of assorted energy company shares so my message it “Vote Yes.” even if the horse has bolted.

    Like Ele, I am interested in who is funding the green bill boards.


  5. scrubone says:

    The “no sales” crowd is a very odd one.

    They’ve not said a thing about banning the government from purchasing assets. Yet logically, if you ban sales you should also be banning purchases. Otherwise it’s all one-way traffic.


  6. Viv K says:

    The online version that I have seen doesn’t have a parliamentary crest, but even if it did you are being silly about this issue Ele. The Greens have some public money to run their parliamentary services, they haven’t been granted extra for hoardings. If they choose to use some of that money to fight asset sales, then there is less available for other things. No skin off your nose.


  7. Armchair Critic says:

    The much bigger waste of money is the assets sales. Bill English said they would only proceed if they made economic sense, but last I heard the economic case was very weak, and National went all quiet on the economic case for the sales. Presumably nothing has changed and the sales are still purely for ideological reasons.


  8. scrubone says:

    That comment makes no sense. Are you seriously suggesting they should have been granted money to put up hoardings?


  9. Andrei says:

    Its all exceptionally banal games from a vapid political class, worthy only of scorn and contempt.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that regardless of the outcome of this pointless exercise the asset sales will go ahead because National has the power to do this.

    And if you that the Greens or Labour are going to gain votes from this empty posturing THINK AGAIN – all this shows is how devoid of any real ideas and vision these parties are – they are just made up of time serving mediocrities whose only talent is bullshit.

    I have lost two of mine overseas already no 3 will be gone within a year because there is nothing here for them, And neithe the Greens nor Labour are going to enact any policies that will bring them back – just the reverse in fact, they will shut down any real opportunities that might attract them home as a matter of conditioned reflex, in particular no 2’s immediate future lies in the oil sands of Alberta and we know what the Greens think of that sort of economic activity, they loath it


  10. Viv K says:

    No scrubone, you haven’t read it properly.


  11. Paranormal says:

    Perhaps the point is Viv, that the Greens have been given too much funding to run their parliamentary services. Particularly if they are able to siphon money off to run political campaigns – something the taxpayer funding was not provided for.


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