Dunedin mayor not standing up for jobs

Dunedin mayor Dave Cull has been one of the leaders behind the Stand Up Otago campaign.

It was sparked by AgResearch’s proposal to shift most of its scientists from Invermay Research Centre.

Cull has said that the Christchurch rebuild is coming at the cost of tool little to other regions and the government should be doing more to protect and create jobs in other areas.

It’s all very easy to look to central government, but local government has at least as important a role to play in making a city and province attractive to businesses.

It also needs to be open to a range of opportunities, one of those is oil exploration and Cull opposes that.

. . . Mr Cull told the Otago Daily Times he was against continuing the hunt for fossil fuels – including off Dunedin’s coast – when the world was already heating up.

That was because of the threat of climate change globally, and also the risk of an environmental catastrophe locally, he said. . .

Unless he’s doing everything he can as an individual and mayor to reduce reliance on fossil fuels this is nothing more than NIMBYism.

Taranaki illustrates the economic and social benefits to be gained from oil extraction which have come without causing any problems to the province’s environment. There’s potential for similarly positive spin-offs for Dunedin’s and wider Otago.

It’s no good asking the government to stand up for the province when the mayor will turn his back on an opportunity that could boost business in the way mineral exploration and extraction could.



16 Responses to Dunedin mayor not standing up for jobs

  1. Pete George says:

    More duplicity from Dave Cull, he is trying to keep his Green supporters happy by opposing drilling, but doesn’t want to lose support from middle Dunedin so says he will support oil/gas business.

    Except at one election forum he said he saw no point in pursuing business for Dunedin because the oil companies would just decide for themselves.

    With negative plus lukewarm encouragement like that who would bother trying to do business in a Cull led Dunedin?


  2. TraceyS says:

    And the Green Party has adopted the “stand up” slogan…https://my.greens.org.nz/sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=166275&qid=14736147. Just a coincidence maybe?


  3. Viv K says:

    To suit your spin Ele, you conveniently left out the part where the ODT article you quoting from said Mr Cull said ‘A FINAL DECISION ON DRILLING WAS OUT OF THE COUNCIL’S HANDS’ As you well know, Mr Cull has no power to decide whether drilling goes ahead. He understands that we already have enough fossil fuel reserves to set off runaway climate change. You and your National party are selling your grandchildren’s futures, history will rightly judge you harshly.


  4. JC says:

    There’s something slightly ironic for the mayor of a city damn near closest to Antarctica complaining about a little temporary warming.



  5. Viv K says:

    Tracey, thank you for linking to Metiria’s call for environmentally aware people to stand up and oppose the proposed changes to the RMA. I am guessing though that wasn’t your motivation, rather that you were suggesting the use of the words ‘stand up’ by the Greens and Mr Cull implied a connection between the two. I can assure you that Mr Cull is not a secret Green party candidate. Mr Cull acknowledges that it is not a good idea to increase fossil fuel use. Dunedin is a university city with many educated people who also understand that.


  6. robertguyton says:

    Nothing more than NIMBYism?
    Twaddle, Ele. There are people, educated people (hat-tip Viv) who recognise the threat to the marine environment from deep sea oil drilling and that, dear Ele, is SOMETHING MORE THAN NIMBYISM (caps to alert you to the silliness of your statement). If Cull has had that threat to the environment off-shore from ‘his’ city pointed out to him by the educated greenies of Dunedin and he’s recognised it for what it is, good on them and good for him!


  7. robertguyton says:

    Where’s your candidates disclosure statement, Mr George?


  8. Pete George says:

    Cull has also had the threat of decline in Dunedin employment and economic activity pointed out to him.

    I don’t think all educated people (from the University or not) have the same opinion on oil exploration. Yes there are risks, risks are managed all the time. There’s a greater risk to Dunedin’s wildlife from container ships and cruise ships.


  9. robertguyton says:

    All educated people oppose the despoliation of our oceans and coastlines by oil spill, Pete. That’s where your own campaign is falling down – your failure to see that thinking Otago people don’t want their environment ruined because of craven support for giant oil companies and their greedy behaviour. Cull’s seen it, you haven’t.


  10. robertguyton says:

    Metiria sees it too. Go talk to her, Pete. Get educated.


  11. TraceyS says:

    Look who’s making stuff up Viv. You may need a mirror!


  12. Viv K says:

    So Tracey, how about explaining what ‘and the Green party has adopted the stand up slogan….just a coincidence maybe?’ is a reference to then . BTW, that’s not me making things up, you are the one who implied it, quite different to when you made up the claim that I was against conventional farming or that the Greens would tell you where to live.


  13. TraceyS says:

    I might later, since you are so interested.


  14. robertguyton says:

    The Greens are going to tell us where to live?
    Hope they tell me “Southland”, not “Otago”.


  15. Viv K says:

    Robert, it was a while ago in a post about could a list mp lead. In response to the Green’s statement that they would ‘develop legislation to encourage farm ownership to be held by the resident farm operator’, Tracey said ‘I will have to move’ and ‘why should the Green party tell me where I should live’. So for Tracey to say I’m making things up today when I asked if her comment about ‘stand up’ being used by Dave Cull and Metiria was her suggesting that Dave Cull was a secret Green, well, it’s hardly in the same league. All sweet though, when Tracey’s not so busy she’s going to explain what she did mean.


  16. Viv K says:

    Actually, I didn’t say she’d suggested that Dave Cull was a secret Green. I was guessing at her motivation for linking to Metiria’s post on the RMA. I said was she suggesting the words ‘stand up’ implied a connection between Dave Cull and the Greens? So Tracey, having re-read my original comment, I haven’t made anything up, you’ve made a link between Cull and Metiria, why?


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