Neutralising Norman

One of the problems with MMP is that potential coalition partners are competing for the same votes.

Swapping votes with potential partners doesn’t change the likely strength of a coalition but it does make a difference to the strength of each party.

The Green Party has benefited from Labour’s weakness since 2008. Now David Cunliffe has to win that support back:

. . . The Greens, who don’t have any leadership problems, made strong gains during Shearer’s reign and they’ve been grabbing Labour votes.

It isn’t something that’s openly talked about because those two parties are allies and will almost certainly form a coalition government if they win, but one of Cunliffe’s priorities is to neutralise Russel Norman.

“We need the Greens to be strong, but not too strong,” a caucus source told NZ Newswire.

“We don’t intend going into the election bleeding votes on the left.” . . .

Neutralising Norman is necessary for Labour and Rodney Hide explains why it is essential  for New Zealand:

He rejects more than 200 years of economic thought, he ignores the lessons of history and he dismisses everyday experience.

His views are neither reasoned nor consistent and he holds to them vehemently and angrily. He can’t argue his position. He can only denounce those who don’t share it. He doesn’t defend his views but rather shouts about them, which is politely regarded as passion.

For Mr Norman, you and I don’t earn income. We take it. It’s us who are the burden. For that reason he despises us. He double despises us because we don’t agree with him. He believes it is our greed that stops us seeing the world his way.

For Mr Norman, government tax simply recovers a little of what we have taken. Rather than a burden, Normanomics would declare tax a recovery. . .

Years of political rhetoric have blinded him to entrepreneurship and the intricacy and subtlety of the social cooperation that markets make possible.

His rhetoric has become his mantra. His politics are his substitute for thought and observation. But, of course, Mr Norman doesn’t need to be right. All he needs is power.

The radical left policies of Norman and his party are unpalatable to moderates in the centre.

If Labour moves left to neutralise Norman he also risks alienating the centre so votes gained on his left flank could be lost from his right.

But then the best way to neutralise Norman and deprive him of power is to stick with a National-led government.

17 Responses to Neutralising Norman

  1. jabba says:

    “For Mr Norman, you and I don’t earn income. We take it. It’s us who are the burden. For that reason he despises us. He double despises us because we don’t agree with him. He believes it is our greed that stops us seeing the world his way”
    yep .. well said


  2. Viv K says:

    The United States prints money, they call it ‘quantitative easing’. I have never read any comment from you Ele, or Rodney Hide, calling that wacky, but when Russel Norman suggested it the right wing pundits shrieked. The UK, Australia, France, Denmark, Norway and many other countries have capital gains taxes, it is not an extreme left policy. Mr Hide’s comments are subjective twaddle. Clearly the right is very worried about the rise of the left and are ramping up the personal attacks.


  3. homepaddock says:

    I’d be surprised if Hide hasn’t criticised QE and I’d put money on him never having supported it.

    I don’t think the USA printing money is a good idea but there are several differences between them and us is including their wealth and lower interest rates. We still have the option of cutting interest rates.

    I’m not opposed to a CGT per se, but am opposed to one which excludes family homes and adds to rather than replaces other taxes.


  4. jabba says:

    goodness me Viv .. if printing money was a great idea then why did Norman can the idea?


  5. robertguyton says:

    You’ll not ‘neutralise Norman’ – Russel’s support is growing and not at Labour’s expense. Have you not read Garner’s latest on the polls?
    You are sunk. Labour and the Greens are in the ascendancy. Your pointless surmising won’t stop them one little bit. Give John a lovely hug on his way out and one for Jabba, who will be distraught.


  6. Viv K says:

    Mr Hide makes up utter rubbish about what he thinks Dr Norman believes. When has Dr Norman ever claimed that working hard is right wing claptrap? Or that he despises people that disagree with him? Mr Hide is the one spouting claptrap.


  7. Armchair Critic says:

    Rodney’s opinion on the Labour Party is totally irrelevant. He’s uninformed and uninformative. I’d be interested in his opinion on the ACT party and where its future lies. But Rodney on Labour or the Greens is not worth taking seriously.
    It’s National’s job to neutralise Norman, not Labour’s, and so far they’ve done a mediocre job. With the quality of the recent attacks on Labour and the Greens (Hooton and Hide, for example), the attack has moved from mediocre to dismal.


  8. robertguyton says:

    Hide – pffffffffffffft! What a goose. Why you would side with that Actoidal, tabloid-level, publicity-hungry has-been is anyone’s guess, Ele. Hide’s opinion is redundant with a capital ‘R’. Capital ‘R’, Russel, otoh, is cutting a swathe through the Neolib bullfewmets and scares you not a little, it’s plain. He’s going to be your Governor soon, Ele – just accept and enjoy. I’m here to help you through your difficult period, so rest easy.


  9. robertguyton says:

    P.s. This thread is not going well for you, Ele.


  10. Andrei says:

    This thread is not going well for anyone – it confirms what I have always known politics is mere tribalism and politicians are low lives, just whores pimping for their place at the trough, no vision no imagination no inspiration.

    All they can come up with is reasons why not to vote for the other guys – well who needs that, I need a reason to vote for somebody and I’m sure as hell not getting that

    National, Labour, Greens and all the rest – a plague on all their houses.


  11. robertguyton says:

    A plague on the greenhouse, Andrei?
    How unkind.


  12. Viv K says:

    Pimps and whores eh Andrei. You bring up sexual references more than anyone else in the comments on this blog and you confirm the stereotype of the sex obsessed fundamentalist. Thank goodness my christian upbringing and the wide range of christian friends and family I have means I know the extremist opinions you express are not common. Some of the stuff you come out with gives christians a bad name.


  13. Armchair Critic says:

    To her credit, Ele almost got it right with the first paragraph. MMP does mean that parties compete. National and ACT are a good example of how it can result in the annihilation of a party. The good news for NZ is that the zombie corpse of ACT cannot be reanimated. Which leads to the question of who National will use next to carry the can for their more unpopular policies. Or, if they can’t find a scapegoat, how far to the left National will have to move to get reelected in 2019.
    The interesting bits of the first paragraph are the suggestion that competition is bad; I’m sure that’s not National’s usual line, and the suggestion that it’s a problem. The latter shows that National has not adapted to the MMP environment (it’s only been 17 years) and has not worked out how to see it as an opportunity rather than a threat.


  14. Andrei says:

    LOL – left wingers just can’t seem to grasp the concept of metaphors and that particular one is not about “sex”, per se rather about trading principles for expediency, which is why of course the National Government circa 2013 looks very very similar to the Labour Government circa 2005. They might even be worse

    BTW Christian Fundamentalists are PROTESTANT, look it up and I’m no protestant and that’s for sure


  15. Paranormal says:

    Denigrate Hide as much as you lefties want to, but he’s gaining a following of readers that understand and agree with what he’s saying.

    As for being Ele’s next overlord (as much as he’d like it), Red Russel will have to deal with a resurgent Liabour party stripping the Greens previous converts from Liabour. As Liarbour puts more pressure on him, if he reacts true to previous form he runs the risk of alienating Trotters Waitakere man that he has picked up over the past couple of years.

    If I was a Green supporter I wouldn’t be half as complacent as the lefty commenters here are. You’re about to undergo the hardest years of political existence to maintain relevance.


  16. Armchair Critic says:

    You are correct about the “hardest political years” paranormal. Being in government appears to be very hard on smaller parties.
    You are also correct about there being no need to denigrate Hide. He’s quite capable of doing it himself and hardly needs help; a taxpayer funded island holiday, with his girlfriend did that.
    The concern, from me at least, was that he was being quoted as some kind of an authority on the Labour party and Greens. He’s no such thing, as far as I’m aware, so the challenge was to Ele to justify her use of Hide as a credible source, rather than to Hide directly.


  17. robertguyton says:




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