What about Earthquake Recovery? – Update

One glaring omission from David Cunliffe’s new line-up of spokespeople is someone for Earthquake Recovery.

Clayton Cosgrove is spokesman for the Earthquake Commission but that isn’t earthquake recovery.

Former MP Lianne Dalziel is regarded as the favourite for Christchurch’s mayoralty but surely Cunliffe doesn’t think she’ll carry on doing his party’s work in this very important role as well.


Update – Deborah has  left a comment below which points out Ruth Dyson has responsibility for earthquake recovery.

It hadn’t occurred me to look beyond those ranked for such an important role.

Any spokesperson is better than none but having someone out of the shadow cabinet and unranked hold the position doesn’t give it the importance it needs.

2 Responses to What about Earthquake Recovery? – Update

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    By the time they lose office next year National will have had more than four years to (mis) manage (and that’s as compared to the other option of “lead”) the eq recovery. That would have been ample, if they were competent and weren’t determined to force a privatisation program upon the council and forcibly seize private property in the cbd, via cera. Come next election the only reason Labour would need an eq recovery spokesperson is if National were incompetent crony capitalists.
    Meanwhile, it looks likely that Labour’s eq recovery person will be mayor, while National’s will be lucky to be Shadow Leader of the House.


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