Friday’s answers

Thursday’s questions were:

1. Who said: If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.?

2.  These lines come from which song and are about whom? :

Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar,
Thunderclouds rend the air;
Baffled, our foes stand by the shore,
Follow they will not dare.

3. It’s marin in French, marinaio in Italian, marinaro in Spanish and hēramana in Maori, what is it in English?

4. Who skippered New Zealand to 16 America’s Cup wins and no losses?

5. America’s Cup – sport, a rich man’s pursuit or  . . . ?

Points for answers:

Andrei got four.

Alwyn remains the reigning champion and wins an electronic bunch of freesias for a clean sweep.

Answers follow the break:

1. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

2. Skye Boat Song, Prince Charles.

3. Sailor.

4. Sir Russell Coutts.

5. Both plus, business opportunity for marine industry, inspiration for yachties and entertainment for many more.

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