Cup conspiracy theories

New Zealand’s  loss in the first America’s Cup race this morning and the postponement, again, of the second is:

1) a deliberate act on behalf of sponsors to maximise the exposure they get.

2) as Scrubone said, a Cantabrian conspiracy to secretly get the entire country dressed in red and black.

3) a government plot to keep the country focussed on the same thing.

4) a Labour Party plot to keep Trevor Mallard out of the country.

5) ?

2 Responses to Cup conspiracy theories

  1. Andrei says:

    I’d rather watch paint dry – how about some women’s sport from London 2012 to fill the space between nothing much happening in the America’s cup and even less happening.

    And to think there was serious consideration of dropping this from the Olympics – Cacodoxy!


  2. Alwyn says:

    Number 5 should be
    “All of the above”. Gets my vote.


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