Mind the gap

The vote for Labour’s leader showed a huge gap between the caucus, and members and unions.

New leader David Cunliffe was the clear favourite among members and unions but mustered only 11 votes from the 34 member caucus.

That shows two things.

Those in the party closest to Cunliffe and who should know him best like him least and MPs are out of touch with their grass-roots supporters.

Closing that gap is just one of the many challenges Cunliffe faces.

6 Responses to Mind the gap

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    Your obsession with the unity of the Labour caucus is comical, Ele. If I cared for the National Party as much as you claim to, I’d be much more concerned about the unity with National’s caucus. It’s clearly diminishing, because this mirning the Minister for Everything was on the front pages explaining why he threw Amy Adams under the bus over high speed internet. The war for the worst job in politics after the next election is clearly heating up.


  2. AC you are deluded


  3. JC says:

    In fact Amy was so distraught she joined the Labour front bench.

    She was meeting with her new colleagues at 6.30pm tonight.



  4. Armchair Critic says:

    That’s a pretty broad accusation, adamsmith. Be a bit more specific about how you drew that conclusion.

    I’ll back my claims up with some links:

    The idea that John Key never intended to stick around for more than two terms has been around since a couple of months after the last election.
    NZ Herald 22 March 2012
    The “Labour-lite” and breeziness of the first term has been replaced by some serious hands-off management and a “don’t care” attitude.
    Another example from today.
    Prime Minister John Key is unfazed by whatever team Mr Cunliffe comes up with, saying he is “not impressed” with Labour’s front bench.
    “I’m not overly worried,” Mr Key said.

    from TVNZ, 16 Sept 2013

    3 News were talking about John Key’s replacement just over a month ago, and before David Shearer had stepped down.
    TV3 11 August 2013
    Why would they be talking about that? There were better beltway stories around at the time. Coincidence, perhaps. Politics is full of them.

    Here’s Stephen Joyce chucking Amy Adams under the bus on UFB.
    NZ Herald 16 Sept 2013

    Or perhaps you think the news that the Minister for Everything had heavied 2degress, Vodafone and the Farmers Union just slipped out with the underlying message of “I tried to save her, but couldn’t.” Sure it did.
    And all that after the Minister for Nothing’s hatchet job in the middle of last week over the RMA.
    RadioNZ 12 Sept 2013

    That wouldn’t have hurt, not a bit, right, adamsmith? Perhaps it’s just that Adams is so dull that she won’t notice. No, that’s not true, Amy Adams is not too dumb to notice two of the tight five are dumping all over her in public, and not the sort to let it slide.

    Tracey Watkins occasionally gets stuff right. Here she is warning that a Liberal victory in Australia is not all good news for National in NZ
    “In an even more stunning turn of events, his victory last weekend came just six years after an electoral rout under John Howard Helen Clark that was so comprehensive the Liberals Labour Party seemed destined to remain on the Opposition benches for years.”
    It did look a lot like that, yet even with the unpalatable Tony Abbott, the LNP still won. She also said:
    “Way back in the days before he became prime minister, Mr Key never made any secret of the fact that he was not going to do a Helen Clark and cling to power for dear life till it was forcibly ripped from his hands.”
    He doesn’t really have much of a choice, NZ has not re-elected a PM who took the reins from an incumbent from the same party since Peter Fraser took over from Savage, and those were very different times. Quitting before the election, or not standing for his home seat of Parnell Helensville aren’t really viable options.
    Stuff 16 Sept 2013

    So, there you go – a basis for my opinion. It’s not much better than the basis for Ele’s hypothesizing about the unity of the Labour caucus, but you only have the courage to call one of us on it. Funny that.


  5. Armchair Critic says:

    Yeah, that was a pretty dumb mistake. There’s very few people who can honestly say they’ve never accidentally included someone into an email list that was not meant to receive it. From one EA to another, though, barely worth a comment I’d say.


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