And the losers are . . .

David Cunliffe’s win in the Labour leadership race left several losers in his wake:

* The ABC – Anyone But Cunliffe club, at least for now.

Whether they accept defeat or see his win as a temporary setback will depend on them putting loyalty to the party, and its new leader, ahead of their personal acrimony and ambitions.

* The Green Party.

Whatever else Cunliffe does, he won’t be prepared to let the Greens lead the Opposition as they did under David Shearer.

* The members who supported him in the belief he meant what he said when he made the promises which pleased them but would make the party unelectable.

I’m not including either of the other leadership contenders among the losers.

Shane Jones gained the attention he was seeking and will keep getting that because the media love the outrageous.

Grant Robertson has time on his side. He didn’t make it this time but he’ll be waiting in the wings should Cunliffe fail to deliver the 2014 election win.

5 Responses to And the losers are . . .

  1. Viv K says:

    The real losers will be the John Key led National government. Labour, the Greens and our supporters are going to be fine thanks Ele.


  2. Paranormal says:

    Excellent thank you Viv. The more you believe that and don’t see the need for reform within Liarbour the happier John Key and National are.


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Interestingly the policies favoured by the membership, primarily one assumes to be activists, are highly unlikely to be those favoured by the members of Labour’s lost tribe as Shane Jones put it. The secret to electoral success is not extremist policies, either left or right, although these tend to be those beloved by activists. Futhermore, I suspect Cunliffe has adopted a pose to gain election. He strikes me as a faux socialist.


  4. inventory2 says:

    Well said Ele; there will be no opposition void for the Greens to fill; Cunliffe will ensure that. And the quest for the far Left has begun in earnest.


  5. jabba says:

    he will be going for the Green vote starting at the CHCH by-election


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