Cunliffe wins leadership but not caucus

David Cunliffe is Labour’s new leader.

David Cunliffe was elected by a majority in the first round of a preferential three-way Electoral College contest also involving Grant Robertson and Shane Jones. . .

The votes from the caucus, members and unions were:

Caucus 40
Cunliffe, David 32.35% 47.06% 18.82%

Jones, Shane 20.59%

Party 40

Cunliffe, David 60.14% 67.79% 27.11%

Jones, Shane 13.15%

Robertson, Grant 26.71% 32.21% 12.89%

Affiliates 20 Cunliffe, David 70.77% 78.01% 15.60%

Jones, Shane 11.92%

Robertson, Grant 17.30% 21.99% 4.40%

Final result

Round 1

Cunliffe, David 51.15%

Jones, Shane 15.88%

Robertson, Grant 32.97%

Robertson, Grant 47.06% 52.94% 21.18%

Cunliffe won on the first round, albeit with 51.5% of the vote.

However, he got only 32.5% of first preference votes from his caucus colleagues and 47.06 of their second preferences.

He’s won the leadership with only minority support from his caucus colleagues  – 11 of 34 giving him first preference – in spite of strong indications that members and unions were backing him.

Winning the leadership might have been the easy bit, getting his caucus colleagues on side will be his next and bigger challenge.

6 Responses to Cunliffe wins leadership but not caucus

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Democratisation my posterior.
    His 70% union support was delivered by the executives of the unions that is as democratic as the GDR and we all know where that ended.

    Leading a team of 34 with the support before the crawling on belly faction lifted to 47% of 11 including the messaiah himself, under 30%.

    The quote from Tony Abbott on Kevin Rudd applies equally here.
    How is David (Martin Luther) Cunliffe regarded, ask those closest to him.

  2. robertguyton says:

    Cunliffe won. Eat that.

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Your beloved greens are under greater threat than the blue team Robert but your little bit of the wreck of team labours boat you are clutching at will only last until too many others grab it for floatation.

    Waitakere man is the way forward and even Jonseys efforts will not change that, let alone Martin Luther Cunliffe.

    As for your dietary advice no thanks you can have the whole dead rat to yourself.

  4. robertguyton says:

    My beloved Greens are celebrating tonight, GD. Their greatest desire is to see the Key-led National Party depart, and today, their wishes for a strong Labour leader and a Labour Party that knows it has to unite to win, and can do just that, come to fruition.
    Mmmmmm, fruition

  5. Armchair Critic says:

    Oh dear GD, bad day?
    This “disunited caucus” thing is presented as an unsolvable problem. It’s not. I usually don’t care for “National did it too” arguments, however in this case I’ll make an exception; back in 2006 National were a disunited mess. They went on to win the next election.
    The obvious solution is a good few retirements from the current caucus at the next election. The electorate committees, who are probably the same people who gave the overwhelming support to DC, have an interest in selecting candidates that support the leader. And of course everyone loves a winner, so that’ll add even more unity.
    As for the pretence and falsehood of National being united these days under the magnificent management of John Key, does anyone believe that’s true?

  6. Paranormal says:

    RG, with ML Cunliffe at the helm, if he sticks to his promises over the past few weeks, will see voters flee from him, not to him. Liarbour still haven’t learned the lessons from 2008, let alone 2011. Yes the Greens will gain at Liarbours expense, but at the detriment to the country with the lack of a sound opposition.

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