Who creates jobs?

Quote of the day:

A Government should not be relied upon to create jobs. To bolster our economy and growth, we need the private sector to be creating jobs in the tradeables sector.

Whether they are high-earning export roles, or an entry level company, it is the job of entrepreneurs. Government’s role is to put in place the right conditions for economic growth, so companies can feel comfortable about expanding, growing, or just starting out in the business world.

Local government also has a role, through having plans for economic growth and development that encourage businesses and don’t stifle their creativity.  . . Eric Roy MP

People who look to government to create jobs are looking in the wrong place.

Job creation must come from the private sector.

The government’s role is to ensure there are no unnecessary hurdles and that employment laws are flexible; make compliance as simple as easy as possible; reduce its burden on the economy and leave businesses to prosper and grow.

One Response to Who creates jobs?

  1. Armchair Critic says:

    People create jobs, Ele. People create companies too, and people also create local government.


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