Murder shows dark side of neighbourhood

The grapevine was right – the death of a 35 year-old man in our neighbourhood was a murder.

A homicide inquiry involving about 40 police and support staff has been launched in to the death of a 35-year-old Elderslie dairy farm worker after his body was discovered in his house early yesterday morning.

Emergency services were called to an address in Pine Hill Road in rural Elderslie, about 10km inland from Oamaru, at 4.30am yesterday where Justin Conrad McFarlane was found dead by a fellow dairy worker who had called at the address after he was concerned that Mr McFarlane had not turned up for work.

Police would not comment on the exact circumstances of his death, other than to say it appeared it had been violent.  . .

The grapevine has a theory about the motive and also names a suspect.

If the theory is correct it has shown us a dark side of our neighbourhood to which we were oblivious.


4 Responses to Murder shows dark side of neighbourhood

  1. Gravedodger says:

    My old home village was blighted by a violent killing a few years ago and it robs ones psyche of a large lump of innocence.

    Money, drugs, woman who knows how minds work.

    Sadly it is all too common in current times and when viewed from the passing of time in the rear view mirror, will seem to be so incomprehensible and pointless.


  2. Andrei says:

    When I was six I saw a fight between a Romani and another man. the other man objected to the Romani using a drinking fountain. It was very hot that day

    The Romani pulled a knife and disemboweled the other man who lay dying in the sunshine.

    The women all tried to help the man and to shoo us kids away but we didn’t go, the men grabbed the Romani and held him down until the authorities arrived who took the Romani away and sent us packing.

    This world is ruled by violence, I learned that young – we can keep it corked and hidden away but it takes effort to do this, For now in this time and place we have it mostly under control, long may that last


  3. Anon333 says:

    If the rise of fascism in the western world is any indication, we may need to be more alert about what’s happening around us.
    In the UK, a leadership course(Common Purpose) has been linked to a police shoot-to-kill policy, increased surveillance and a more repressive environment. Several websites talk about the use of brainwashing techniques.
    People should be aware that increased Corporate control and protectionism may lead to training programs using similar brainwashing methods as those prior to WWII.
    Hopefully I’m wrong…


  4. Noel Nind says:

    rumour is a one arm man done it who used to live in enfield wrong rednecks sort it


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