Blown about

Yesterday’s wild weather left its mark on the south.

We’ve got some casualties on the farm too.

One calf shed was completely destroyed, another had its roof blown off. The calves were okay but several ngaios were uprooted and lots of other trees lost branches.

We missed the worst of the wind at home because we were in Queenstown waiting for a flight that was eventually cancelled.

That’s never convenient but at least we were still waiting inside the airport.

A plane full of passengers sat on the tarmac for four hours unable to disembark. There’s no airbridge and it was considered too dangerous to allow anyone to cross the tarmac  with so much lightning.

The worst of the wind had subsided when we drove home but there was still plenty of electrical activity.

Coming down the Waitaki Valley, flashes lit up the surrounding countryside as if it was daylight.



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