Thanks Met Service

Members of the Pastoral management Group, to which we belong, shared experiences of June’s snow storms.

Everyone paid tribute to warnings from the Met Service which allowed stock to be moved and preparations made, both of which minimised the damage done.

Met Service has been equally accurate with its forecasts for the last few days. Thanks to that farmers and orchardists were able to prepare for the polar blast which reminded us yet again that the weather doesn’t observe the calendar.

August was mild but we’ve had a cold start to September about which Met Service warned us. I can see fresh snow on the Kakanui Range from my kitchen window and the temperatures are more wintry than spring-like.

Weather forecasting is not an exact science and we only ever know if forecasts are right after the event.

We’re quick to complain when they get it wrong but on these two occasions, Met Service was right when it mattered and their forecasts made a difference.

2 Responses to Thanks Met Service

  1. JC says:

    I’ve got a thermometer on the wall of the house and one in the car.. its amazing how often the Met are bang on for the house location and my travels around the district.

    They sure got today right.. brrr!



  2. Thanks Pastoral Management Group – your Executive Officer sent us an email of thanks after the June event, and we were very happy to be able to share it with the forecasting team. It means a great deal to us that our forecasts make a real difference for people, animals and businesses. ^JB


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