It’s protein but . . .

I have no compunction about eating animal protein.

We rarely do home kills but it doesn’t worry me eating something we’ve raised, unless it was a pet.

Protein is protein but I draw the line at eating something I’ve known by name.

This view is based on the normal run of the mill farmed protein varied with a little of the wild sort if someone’s been hunting.

I’ve never knowingly  been faced with the dilemma  of eating protein not regarded as usual fare here though acceptable in other countries.

Though there was a bar well away from the usual tourist traps in Nadi where we could hear dogs barking outside until a few minutes before our meal arrived and we did wonder if that was just coincidence.

Would I knowingly eat dog? My head tells me it’s just protein but my heart and stomach aren’t quite so open to the thought of eating it.

Maybe that explains why my first reaction to this story was one of sympathy for the dogs.

A dog meat vendor in Hunan province died after accidentally shooting himself with a poisoned dart fired from a crossbow that he used to kill dogs, mainland media reported.

The man was reportedly demonstrating how to use the toxic dart to other members of his meat-selling operation in June, when the crossbow went off and hit him in the leg, and he died on his way to hospital, several mainland media outlets said. . .


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