Good leaders don’t always take popular option

At the mayoral forum on Monday evening candidates were asked about listening to the public.

Gary Kircher gave one of the best answers of the night when he asked how many people in the audience thought the Opera House shouldn’t have been restored.

Not a single hand was raised.

He then said had he asked who’d been against the restoration at the time, at least some hands would have gone up because there was strong opposition to the project.

He accepted some responsibility  for that, saying the council of the day, of which he was a member, didn’t take the public with it.

But he also said that the popular option isn’t always right and leaders have to lead and sometimes that means taking the unpopular option.

Listening to the people who elect you is very important, but having listened and given due consideration to all the views expressed, good leaders should do the right thing, whether or not it is popular.

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