Which PM would they emulate?

Sean Plunket, interviewing Labour’s three leadership contenders on The Nation  yesterday, asked them which leader they would emulate.

David Cunliffe opted for Michael Joseph Savage, Shane Jones and Grant Robertson both chose Norman Kirk.

Interesting that Helen Clark wasn’t chosen, and in fact was criticised by Jones:

“Now the thing about Helen, she was into social provision and anti-discrimination, Labour can no longer have that as its dominating brand,” said Mr Jones.

The other two didn’t comment on this, but their enthusiasm for a 50/50 gender split in caucus suggests they don’t agree.

5 Responses to Which PM would they emulate?

  1. robertguyton says:

    The referendum on asset sales is all go, full steam ahead and coming your way soon. Well done, New Zealand. Russel jumped the gun in letting us all know, but the excitement would have done that to any one who knows that New Zealanders don’t want Keys to sell our assets, even if he does dress them up in ‘partial’ clothes.
    Go the CIR!


  2. homepaddock says:

    On jumping the gun, you’ve done it too. You must have been writing this as I was writing the post. Had you waited a few minutes you wouldn’t have had to thread-jack.


  3. Roger Barton says:

    Take it as a complement Ele…more hits on you website than his own. I go and look occasionally but much more of of substance at HP.
    On the matter of the next leader for the Labour Party I can only what else they are able to promise with someone else’s money. The list may be endless and they are all doing it. There is no doubt we need an effective opposition, something we have lacked to date, so my pick is Cunliffe.


  4. Roger Barton says:

    Oops…I can only GUESS what else…..


  5. willdwan says:

    Just curious Robert, why do so many of you guys call the PM “Keys”? Surely you must have got the hang of a simple name by now, or is it some leftist witticism I’m not getting?


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