What do the members think?

Labour’s three leadership aspirants have a spending limit of $30,000 for their campaigns.

It seems a lot of money as one of the contenders, Shane Jones, says:

“If any bugger can raise $30,000 for a 15-friggin’-day contest then the 30-odd members of the bloody Labour caucus can go out there and raise a million to fight John Key, for God’s sake.”

When Labour came to its members to help repay the taxpayers’ money it illegally spent on its pledge card, they weren’t impressed.

One said few members were wealthy and most worked hard to raise money for the party by doing a lot of small fundraisers – raffles, catering . . .

The members had had no say in spending the money and were not impressed they were being asked to help pay it back when those who had the say were in a much better position to do so.

I am sure that members won’t be impressed with the thought that up to $90,000 could be spent on this campaign when the party is short of money and they will be working so hard for the one that matters – next year’s election.

Jones is regarded as the underdog but his comment shows he’s in tune with what members think.

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