Pretending to be unified

One of the reasons I subscribe to The Listener is for a weekly dose of Jane Clifton’s wit.

This week she’s turned her attention to Labour’s leadership selection:

. . . Robertson’s support base is mostly drawn from the caucus A-team: the MPs who are either talented and appealing and on their way up, or who have at least built themselves a reasonably useful profile through diligence or longevity. Cunliffe’s are mostly from the B-team: MPs who have failed to distinguish themselves, but who, all too humanly, believe they have been unjustifiably passed over, and who trust Cunliffe to recognise their true worth in return for their support. There is also, as in any workplace, a fair amount of deeply personal enmity flowing from various individuals to various others . 

These are long and deeply forged ley lines, and can’t just be overridden with a public chorus of Kumbaya. . .

For the foreseeable future, Labour MPs will only be pretending to be unified. That goes also for the party at large, as evidenced by the hand grenades of hostility from the delegates at the last conference, all directed toward the MPs. . .

Winning the selection will be relatively easy – there are only two other candidates to beat.

Uniting the caucus and the party with their multiple and competing factions will be much harder.

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