How democratic is Labour’s selection process?

Labour’s change of rules for leadership contests gives 40% weighting to its caucus, 40% to members and 20% to affiliated unions.

Tim Barnett was interviewed on the radio on Friday and said he’d have two votes – one as a party member and one as a union member.

One man two votes – how democratic is that?

If the caucus and members are evenly divided over different candidates, the one the unions back will win.

How democratic is that?Regardless of the vote, the leader isn’t very secure.The NBR gave a lay guide to Labour’s rules:

A leadership vote will happen if there is a vacancy for the position, if it is requested by a simple majority of caucus at any time, or if the Leader fails to obtain the support of 60%-plus-one of the Caucus in a confidence vote held within three months of a general election.

That vote will have the 40, 40, 20 split between caucus, members and unions.

How democratic is that?

One Response to How democratic is Labour’s selection process?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Any system that places a leader of anything in place who does not enjoy widespread approval, respect and acceptance of the players is not going to succeed.
    Oh there may be a brief honeymoon but in very short order cracks will become crevasses and eventually failure will follow.

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