Labour worse than war zone

Outgoing Labour leader David Shearer had a compelling back story.

He’d negotiated his way out of life and death situations in war zones.

. . .  dealing with the armed, desperate and irrational. . . .

. . . He has spent time dodging bullets and bombs . . .

He went from one war zone to another.

. . . negotiated his wife’s hostage release from a Somalian warlord, staring down the barrel of an AK47. . .

But he couldn’t win over the competing factions in his party and was defeated by the internal conflict.

. . .The other thing about war and politics is that you have to bring people together. Often there are issues you can have common consensus around, but you have to bring people together. I had to do that a lot in the Middle East and that built skills that are still important. . .

Skills honed in war zones weren’t sufficient to lead labour.

What does that say about the party?

2 Responses to Labour worse than war zone

  1. Viv K says:

    You know full well Ele that these days it’s how a politician comes across on TV that matters. Last week the Prime Minister mislead the nation on Campbell Live, but he was praised for his performance, style won over substance, presentation beat fact as far as many commentators were concerned. Shearer does not have what it takes to perform for the cameras and deliver his lines with confidence , National dumped Brash for basically the same reason.


  2. phil says:

    Ele! What does this tell us about the Labour party ? It tells us,(?) that the party has realised that the centre right Shearer camp, have been over turned by by a more left leaning party that, hopefully will reverse the radical national party. I. e. sell of state assets, ‘sweeteners’ to its mates, SKY, City and TV, Warner Bros, Rio Tinto etc. etc. It’s getting ridiculous. Even National supporters are beginning to wake up that they are being shafted. Oh, let’s not forget. You have just sold your privacy. Goodbye John, You fooled us for longer than I thought.


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