40 maps and being Mum’s enough

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

40 maps that explain the world.


Why being Mom* is enough.

The second one is from the blog Finding Joy by Rachel who writes:

It’s a website dedicated to seeking joy in life, specifically in motherhood. Intentional living, if you may. And that life philosophy? Well, you need to know a bit about me to know what I write about.

My life and how it relates to joy? I’ve had a decent share of challenging, nitty-gritty, time in the storm days. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2005. {He’s now in remission.} We’ve lost jobs, had severe financial stress, and dreams that have been lost. And in January 2011, my littlest son, Samuel, was been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Through all of this the I’ve learned the value of living a life loving the little things – the moments – tucked in the fabric of the everyday. And in that is a quest to live joyfully and fully. Now. In this moment.  No more waiting for things to get better, no lamenting the time lost, but rather finding joy in everyday – even when the everyday doesn’t look perfect. It’s in choosing to live today to its fullest, being thankful, and above all grateful. Gratitude is a choice and is something one must learn. And so on this site it’s a celebration of the little things, the moments in life, that matter.

In diaper changes, paying bills, doctor visits,schooling, cooking, gardening, parenting, cleaning, working, laughing, organizing, crying, praying, and in just well, everyday daily life.And that’s what this website is about — my constant journey to find joy and to share with you that you, in the midst of your journey, are not alone. Let’s just call it a spot to breathe in a busy and crowded online world full of should do this and should do that’s — it’s a site of encouragement for mothers and a bit of intentional living mixed in. . .

* I used Mon in the link, because that is how it’s written there but Mum in the heading because  the version spelt with an o irritates me. Don’t ask me why, it’s petty, illogical and unreasonable but it grates.

The post, though, is a heart warming tribute to and affirmation of motherhood and the many ordinary little mom/mum moments which are often overlooked but really do matter.

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