Promotion for Dean and Wagner

Prime Minister John Key has appointed two parliamentary private secretaries.

Nicky Wagner will be Parliamentary Private Secretary to Gerry Brownlee in the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery portfolio and also Parliamentary Private Secretary to Nick Smith in Conservation.

Jacqui Dean will assist Chris Tremain in Local Government and Prime Minister John Key in Tourism.

Parliamentary Private Secretaries (PPS) are MPs appointed to assist Ministers but, unlike Under-Secretaries, they are not part of the Executive. They receive no extra remuneration.

“This is an important position that ensures a strong link between the Minister and the caucus and gives back-bench MPs valuable experience,” says Mr Key.

“Nicky Wagner, as the MP for Christchurch Central, is already heavily involved in the recovery of Christchurch and is an ideal choice to assist Mr Brownlee. Her experience as a former Environment Canterbury Regional Councillor will be valuable to Dr Smith in Conservation.”

A Minister cannot delegate any statutory roles or function to a PPS, however it is expected that the PPS represent their Minister at public events and deliver speeches on occasions when the Minister is not available.

“Jacqui Dean has extensive Local Government experience from her time as a Waitaki District Councillor and as Deputy Mayor and I expect her to ably assist Mr Tremain. It is also fitting that an MP based in the South Island where so much of our tourism is based, will be part of the Tourism team. . .

Congratulations to both women.

They are very effective MPs in their electorates and will ably assist the ministers.

Information on a PPS is here.

One Response to Promotion for Dean and Wagner

  1. Gravedodger says:

    The closing sentence highlights a very significant facet of the strength inherent in electorate MPs who spend considerable time in direct contact with the “people” gaining a constant updating of what those same people are thinking.

    Second class List MPs on the other hand spend inordinate amounts of time with incestuous contact within their little world hence their apparent preoccupation with beltway issues and a clear disconnect with Joe and Josephine Public that all too often manifests.
    That results in an oft repeated meme telling us what they think we need to know and do and zero understanding of what J and J actually want.


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