21st centruy women should know better

What is it with women and the pursuit of “beauty” at the risk of their health?

You could be forgiven for thinking corsets belong in the Victorian era, the 1950s, or burlesque clubs. But a growing number of women are wearing them all day, every day, in a bid to reduce their waist size.

It’s a trend that has got health professionals worried.

Ivy D’Auton is a corset-maker in Auckland. Recently she’s noticed a small number of her Kiwi clients have started wearing them constantly – a practise called ‘waist training’.

“It’s the idea that you can modify your body through wearing corsets – so your waist gradually becomes smaller and smaller,” she says. . .

But doctors say the practise is very dangerous.

“What worries me most is pushing this to a place which isn’t right,” says Dr John Cameron. “It’s like toothpaste. If you squeeze a tube of toothpaste it’s going to come out both ends. Basically you’re trying to push her stomach up into your thorax and the rest goes down south – so you’re trying to change the anatomy.”

That can lead to digestive, breathing, muscular and skeletal problems over time. . .

Women of my mother’s generation squeezed themselves into panty girdles and other misogynist garments which squashed their innards and ruined their abdominal muscles.

Fortunately their daughters knew better but what’s happening to the next generation?

We’re now 13 years into the 21st century.

Girls have been told for decades that they can do anything and they don’t have to conform to stereotypical dictates over how they should look.

Yet still some women are putting their health at risk in the pursuit of an idealised, unnatural and unrealistic idea of beauty.

5 Responses to 21st centruy women should know better

  1. I also can’t bear to think what sort of problems they’re cooking up with those terrible shoes they wear now, – quite apart from the broken ankles, sprained ankles and shortened hamstrings they get to suffer now – might as well have bound feet they are so hobbled and handicapped by their Liboutins!!!!

  2. homepaddock says:

    I have a shoe rule, if I can’t do a thousand acre stride in it, I won’t buy it.

  3. tiffany267 says:

    Blaming women for patriarchy? Really?

  4. Andrei says:

    Corsets unnecessary

  5. Ivy D'Auton says:

    This news article was fear-mongering at best – it’s severly misleading and uneducated towards modern waist training (as was the doctor, unfortunately). Waist training is a very gradual and non-permanent process that some women choose to do, usually because it enhances their figure, corrects their posture or helps them with various medical conditions. A client with fibro said it worked wonders for him, another with a back injury told me it helped indirectly strengthen her core muscles and, personally, it has helped me with my back injury – from being bedridden most days to being able to work incredibly hard at what I do. It’s hardly a misogynist garment. Did I mention some of my clients are men?

    The process itself is no different to wearing hipster jeans and eventually getting a muffin top – it’s not a health risk. Granted, there are some people who take it extremely far (I know of less than 10 worldwide) and *sometimes* have health issues. Extremism is hardly an accurate representation of anything, although it does make for a great media scandal. Ultimately, to be perfectly fair, women’s bodies and internal organs go through far worse during pregnancy.

    If you would like to learn more about waist training, rather than perpetuating misguided stereotypes, you can do so here:


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