No need for compulsion

Beef + Lamb NZ will be labelling Australian meat so consumers know where it comes from.

That’s a good idea to help consumers make informed choices about what they buy and eat.

But the Green Party are using this to support their campaign for compulsory country of origin labelling (COOL).

Compulsion should be the very last step.

Consumers are letting food retailers and producers know they want to know where their food comes from and more are doing it.

It’s not difficult with single ingredient food and therefore shouldn’t be expensive.

This is the market at work. Consumers are asking for COOL and they’re getting it.

Companies which manufacture local produce are missing an opportunity to make the most of a growing demand for local food if they don’t do it.

As more companies label their food as locally produced it will become obvious that food not so labelled probably isn’t.

It might not be happening as quickly as some would like, but COOL is happening and there’s no need to make it compulsory.

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